Every day we live to answer one question: How do we provide you with the best value in cigars online.

This is who we are.

Bradley Reith – General Manager

Hey I’m a midwest boy who relocated to Phoenix AZ because sunshine is easier to shovel than snow. I love off-roading, shooting, watching NFL football and stroking my beard with a doubtful look on my face when someone says I smoke only Cuban cigars. I began smoking cigars in my hometown of Cincinnati OH while watching THE Ohio State Buckeyes beat Michigan 9 times out of 10 each time they play.

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Dana Rabe – Warehouse Manager

Dana is one of the most ambitious young ladies we’ve ever met. She moved from CA to AZ and quickly moved through the ranks at TNT Cigars. When she’s not packing orders in the TNT Cigars warehouse, Dana spends her time with her dog, Emerald and her cat, Scrabble.


And for all you guys who are wondering… she does have a boyfriend…. and he has guns.

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