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5 types of cigar smokers you'll find in every lounge in America

5 Types of Cigar Smokers You’re Sure To Meet In A Lounge

Cigar lounges are all different, but they all have the same types of guys. After running a handful of cigar lounges for the past couple years, Bradley and I have noticed 5 very specific different types of guys who hang out in lounges. This is by no means a comprehensive list. Add the types of [...]

Cellophane Vs No Cellophane on your cigars

For cigar smokers, it’s an age old question. Is it better to use Cellophane or not to use cellophane with your cigars in your won humidor. Here is your complete guide to cellophane and your cigars.   If you have any trouble viewing this video, you can watch it on Youtube when you CLICK HERE. [...]