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Acid Flavor Bomb Sampler with all the fixins image

Acid Flavor Bomb Sampler W/ FREEBIES!


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Take advantage of this amazing flavorful Acid Flavor Bomb Sampler today!  The process that Acid uses to blend and cure cigars is one of the most reserved secrets in the industry.  The flavors from these cigars are so incredible, there almost isn’t a way to describe them, and once you’ve never had one you’ll never forget it. Acid cigars will open up your palate to a whole new world of cigar notes.

And for a limited time, get an amazing discount with your choice of Acid FREEBIES!!!

*** While supplies last***

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The amazing Acid Flavor Bomb Sampler has taken the stage!  Get this assortment of mouthwatering Acid cigars today at an amazing value price.

The Acid Flavor Bomb Sampler includes:

  • x2 Cold Infusion
  • x1 Blondie Belicoso
  • x1 Kuba Kuba
  • x1 Nasty
  • x1 C Notes 5 Pack

*** Ashtrays and cutters may vary based on availability ***

Also, you can order to your preference.  Take advantage of these three amazing deals!

  • Acid Sampler + Acid Cutter $75.40 $49.95
  • Acid Sampler + Acid Ashtray $79.95 $59.95
  • Acid Sampler + Humidor + Digital Hygrometer + Lighter + Cutter + Acid Hat $129.79 $74.95

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Acid Sampler + Acid Ashtray, Acid Sampler + Acid Cutter, Acid Sampler + Humidor + Digital Hygrometer + Lighter + Cutter + Acid Hat