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Atabey Humidor 7/10 Deal


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Atabey Humidor 7/10 Deal

If you’ve watched TNT CIGAR REVIEW on youtube for any amount of time or watched any of our INSTAGRAM live shows then you know our favorite cigar is by far the ATABEY by United Cigar Group. That said we have about 10 of their RARE cigar box humidors that we are including for you in this sampler. If you are one of the FIRST to order these, the ATABAY 7, will feature 4 premium banded cigars along with 3 unbanned bundled cigars. The ATABAY 10, will feature 5 premium banded cigars along with 5 unbanded bundled sticks. (none of these will feature the ATABAY cigar, there will be a mixture of others unless you’ve ordered some ATABAY with this deal) Cheers!
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Atabey Humidor 7/10 Deal

With the 7 pack deal you will get:

  • x1 RARE Divinos Atabey Humidor Box 
  • x4 Banded Cigars
  • x3 Non-banded Cigars
  • x1 Boveda

With the 10 pack deal you will get:

  • x1 RARE Brujos Atabey Humidor Box 
  • x5 Banded Cigars
  • x5 Non-banded Cigars
  • x1 Boveda

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