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BND Top 3 Cigars

BND Top 3 Cigars Plus Liga 10 Bonus

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If there is one thing Dana and I agree on is is what are the absolute BEST cigars that ANYONE can enjoy on any occasion. Fair warning these are TOP SHELF cigars and should not be compared with others. They are our BEST OF THE BEST for anytime premium cigars and we consider it unfair and downright mean to try to compare these three cigars to anything else on the market.


#1 Atabey: The best all-around cigar (that it’s Cuban…or is it)


#2 Gajja: With its Peruvian Tobacco and smooth flavor you will not soon forget it.


#3 Fratello Oro Robusto: Just beneath the Gajja on our flavor scale the Oro WILL NOT disappoint as well!


Now our Liga #10 Rosado Blondes are nothing to shake a stick at. They are full of flavor, intended for value, and guaranteed to give you one of the BEST VALUE smokes of your life! ENJOY! -BR


#4-6 Liga Rosado Blonde: Beautiful Nicaraguan flavor with a light to medium wrapper leaf that will lead you into flavor country with each puff! You decide which is your favorite size!

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BND Top 3 Cigars Plus Liga 10 Bonus

In this sampler you will get:

  • x1 Atabey Divinos
  • x1 Fratello Oro Boxer
  • x1 Gaaja Toro
  • x1 Liga No. 10 Blonde Rosado Siglo
  • x1 Liga No. 10 Blonde Rosado Torpedo
  • x1 Liga No. 10 Blonde Rosado Lancero


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6 Pack Sampler