Boveda 69%

Boveda 69% Humidification Pack


Boveda has become the cigar industry standard for zero hassle humidification. These little packs are literally designed to be a ‘set it and forget it’ system for humidifying your cigars. Throw this into your humidor and it will release humidity until the ambient air is at 69%. And if you’re over humidified, this convenient little pack will absorb the extra humidity.

If you’re ordering from TNT, this is the perfect add-on to ensure your cigars remain humid while they’re traveling from the safety of our humidor to yours!

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Boveda 69% Humidification Pack

  • Size: 10 grams
  • Humidification: 69%
  • Method: 2 Way humidity control
  • Lasts: About 2 months depending on surrounding climate


Additional information

Weight .5 lbs

single 8 gram pack