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Bradley vs Dana Fight Sampler

Bradley V.S Dana Fight Sampler

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The other day Bradley caught me snapping pictures of some of his favorite cigars and he must have gotten butthurt that i disagreed with him so he challenged me to pick 5 of my own. Therefore, our in-house TNT cigar brawl means extra value for you. These 10 sticks together equal some of our best pickings and favorite sticks.


I decided to throw the final knockout punch to make this deal a no brainer by throwing in a top shelf lighter and cutter at near cost. You’re welcome! -Dana

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Bradley V.S Dana Fight Sampler

In this sampler you will get:

Bradley’s Best 5 Maduro Cigars:

  • x1 CroMagnon Mode 5
  • x1 Rocky Patel Sun-Grown Maduro
  • x1 Bloodline OPA Maduro
  • x1 1502 Blue Sapphire Toro
  • x1 Fratello Navetta 6×60

Dana’s Top 5 Cigars:

  • x1 Black Dahlia Gran Robusto
  • x1 Gaaja Toro
  • x1 Mr. Brownstone Speed Ball Robusto
  • x1 Camacho Nicaraguan Barrel Aged Robusto 
  • x1 Atabey Brujos


  • x1 Lotus Spoiler 
  • x1 Vertigo 80 Gauge Cutter

***Lighters may vary***

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10 Pack w/ lighter + cutter