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Vector Caddie torch lighter with features

Caddie Golf Torch Lighter (Orange) by Vector

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Vector Cigar Accessories are always pushing the envelope when it comes to thinking outside the box. And on this lighter, they’ve hit a hole-in-one.

The Vector Golf Caddie Single Flame Torch is the perfect golfing companion. It features a white magnetic ball marker, and retractable divet repair tool, among many others. Not only will this lighter give your cigars a nice even light with it’s wind resistant torch, but it is the perfect all around golf companion.

And at the marked down price, it’s basically a no brainer. The Golf Caddie is the perfect companion for every golfer. And it makes a great gift for any golf lovers in your life!!!

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SKU: caddie-golf-torch-ligher-orange.


Torches: 1

Gas: Butane

Additional Features: 

  • Built in cigar rest on top of the lid
  • White magnetic golf ball marker
  • Retractable divet repair tool
  • Adjustable flame dial
  • Sleek colored metal finish

Additional information

Weight .3 lbs

1 Torch