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Dana wins sampler

Dana Win’s Sampler

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Okay if you’ve watched our youtube videos at the TNT CIGAR REVIEW channel then you know that Dana always seems to win. But this time she really knocked it outta the park! I was bragging about these new Cuban type cigars we got in from PDR (El Criollito) and asked her to make up a sampler for it. Well did she ever!!!! Not only are you getting 3 sizes of the Cuban Killer (what I call the El Criollito by PDR) but she’s throwing in our VACAY boutique stick, Tiger Tail barber pole, and Maya Selva’s Villa Zamorano. This epic sampler is sure to have you #danawins every time you smoke one of these epic sticks!!!

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Dana Win’s Sampler

With this sampler you will get:

  • x1 Maya Selva’s Villa Zamorano
  • x1 Vacay Bundled Cigar
  • x1 Tiger Tail Bundled Cigar
  • x1 El Criollito 7×70
  • x1 El Criollito 6×60
  • x1 El Criollito 3.5×50
  • x1 Boveda

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6 Pack