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Ascent Firebird Orange Single Flame

Firebird Ascent Single-Jet Flame Lighter Orange

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Attention outdoor enthusiasts!  Want to smoke a cigar and still enjoy the great outdoors?  The Firebird Ascent Single Jet Flame Lighter was made for all you adventurous cigar smokers as it works in high altitudes up to 12,000 feet.   Firebird goes out of their way to make quality products at affordable prices.   Be sure to grab one of these for your next camping trip!

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SKU: firebird-ascent-single-jet-flame-lighter-orange.


Firebird Ascent Single-Jet Flame Lighter

  • 100% Windproof Single Jet Flame
  • High Altitude (Up to 12,000 feet)
  • Fuel Level Window
  • Colibri Warranty
  • Water Resistant
  • Locking Cap

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Firebird Ascent