MBombay Gaaja Toro


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MBombay has been redefining boutique cigars with rare tobacco from around the world. Their sticks always come with unique flavors that come with their interesting and different tobaccos. We don’t know how they do it, but they always pair uniqueness with excellence.

The Gaaja is their solute to wild, off the wall flavor. It is, for good reason, their flag ship cigar. And we challenge you to smoke it and not be impressed!

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Size: 6×54

Warpper: Hybrid Ecuadorian wrapper

Binder: Ecuadorian HVA mejorado seco binder

Fillers: Dominican HVA mejorado ligero, Dominican criollo 98 viso, Ecuadorian criollo 98 viso, Peruvian hybrid habano and a hybrid habano 2000 viso from Paraguay.

Mel, the creative mind behind MBombay, loves to find tobacco from different parts of the world. He’s traveled to the ends of the earth to get some of the rarest leafs out there. The Gaaja is his solute to rare and interesting tobaccos. With fillers from Peru and Paraguay, this cigar has an incredible flavor unlike anything you’ve ever tasted. It has notes of wild spices and an interesting floral hint that will leave your mouth watering for more. Try it today!

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