Cigar Review | 1502 Ruby Robusto

1502 Ruby Robusto Review One of the best boutique sticks available by Sal Viola 1502 is a great new boutique brand that offers complexity, amazing flavors, and quality over some of their upper shelf Nicaraguan box pressed counterparts. That is why I’ve decided to go ahead and review one of my favorite, of their offerings, “Ruby”. The [...]

S2.E7 Doomsday Prepisode w/ AVO Classic No. 2 Review

S2.E1 Doomsday Prepisode Does your doomsday plan include cigars If not, you don’t want to overlook it Lots people have a doomsday plan for their lives. But almost no one thinks about their cigar game when planning for the end of the world. Today we’re looking at 3 good steps you can take to practically [...]