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Cigar and Spirits Pairing Episode

E.32 Your Complete Guide to Pairing Cigars and Spirits

Pairing Cigars and Spirits has never been easier and more fun. Here’s your complete guide to getting the most out of your cigars and spirits this holiday season There’s just about nothing better than a good cigar paired with a tasty beverage. As the holidays season moves into full swing this year, everyone is going [...]

Review | Tatuaje 7th Capa Especial

 Cigar Review | Tatuaje 7th Capa Espeical This cigar is one of the most popular boutiques out there. In this review, we show you why. Tatuaje is one of my favorite boutique Nicaraguan brands of cigars. That is why I decided to go ahead and give one of his products a review. This cigar is comprised [...]